Zainab Hassanpoor
Gender Advisor

For my M.A program at University of Hawaii, I focused on the process of the peace talks with the Taliban and analyzed how vulnerable communities such as women are underrepresented in this process. After finishing my M.A degree, I joined the Office of External Affairs at East-West Center to explore women’s role in peace process in post-conflict states. Then I turned this research into a paper where I focused how Civil Societies and Women Activists promote women’s role in intra-Afghan talks since March 2020. I particularly focused how these women have reached women in remote areas in Afghanistan and how they have tried to include these women in this process.

In my previous positions, I have conducted gender and rights related research and studies. In my role as a Research Assistant at Asian University for Women, I worked as a Research Assistant for the study that focused on the Impact of Women’s Education and Employment on Gender relations in Afghanistan. I interviewed some of women who were employed and educated in Kabul and their family members and contributed in the desk study of this research project. Also, through small group initiatives I have raised awareness about child marriage and its negative consequences in different high schools in Kabul.