Usman Shah
Senior Researcher

Since 2005, Usman Shah has been engaging in development research in both Pakistan and Afghanistan, including on the needs of displaced persons and the cross-cutting issues of socioeconomic vulnerability, contested resources, and limited livelihood choices. Between 2014 and 2017, Usman Shah, under the umbrella of Kabul-based ATR Consulting managed research and many projects for diverse clients across Afghanistan. Amongst the evaluations that he managed were rapid and iterative testing and evaluation on behalf of Oxfam of the activities of its partner’s organizations in Kabul and Kunduz. These activities focused on the role of female community leaders in peacebuilding at the local and national levels. The evaluation involved conducting key informant interviews with staff and beneficiaries in Kabul, as well as interviews with staff in Kunduz and focus groups with community members in Kunduz.