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10 Tips For Better Sleep During and After a Disaster

If you experience a traumatic event, some people even suffer from nightmares and flashbacks. But these usually decrease over time as you process your experience and have opportunities to talk to a family member, friend or professional.

Ten Tips For Families With Economic Challenges

Tough times also bring opportunities for families to come together and value the things that really matter

Grief and Loss

As odd as it may sound, sometimes a person isn’t sure they are grieving. They might go about life as normal, wondering why they don’t feel more sadness or pain. Though crying, emotional pain and fatigue are often seen as the hallmarks of grief, some might suffer the loss in entirely different ways.

Stress Reactions in Conflict Zones

Traumas are events in which a person has the feeling that he or she may die or be seriously injured or harmed, or events in which he or she witnesses such things happening to others or sees their effects.

Coping With Grief After Community Violence

Often the community needs to come together to honor those who died and find meaning in their deaths in a way that will help everyone in the community recover. People may create a memorial and decide together that this will remind them never to allow such violence in their community again. It may help them be determined to work out their differences in other ways in the future—for example, by forming a community advisory group or identifying a local leader to be their liaison with law enforcement and other government entities.