Who We Are

Peace of Mind Afghanistan (PoMA) is a network of psychologists, storytellers, community
leaders, professors and mental health champions focused on expanding mental health
literacy and creating a stronger dialogue around these issues in Afghanistan. PoMA is
made up of both national and international team members working to effect real change in
how we understand and view mental health by bringing the conversation into the

What We Do

PoMA is a national mental health awareness campaign that shares messages and tools about
psychological well-being.
It brings psychologists, healthcare workers, educators, change-makers, government
officials, family members, survivors, and the general public in Afghanistan together in
a unified platform designed to create awareness. We’re spreading positive messages that
increase mental health literacy, debunk myths, offer support and destigmatize mental
health through storytelling and events for dialogues and exchanges with key

Our Mission

We want to increase mental health literacy among Afghans. We hope the insights, stories
and knowledge we share will support individuals, families and communities to take
positive steps towards improving their mental health. Although we cannot address severe
mental health issues within the scope of our campaign, we aim to build overall awareness
and foster an enabling environment in which stakeholders could possibly intervene in
future. In this regard, we also aim to build the capacity of stakeholders who work in
improving the mental healthcare sector and provide support by creating a platform for
them to participate in and connect with.
The messages in our campaign touch upon some of the most common issues challenging mental
health in Afghanistan;
The many Afghans who are struggling with such severe mental health challenges deserve the
appropriate support and care. However, the PoMA campaign is currently limited to raising
awareness and providing tools to help a specific population. If you are experiencing a
life-threatening situation please contact your doctor.
In order to begin addressing the above problems, the PoMA campaign uses innovative and
creative media to reach out to and connect with Afghans across the country.
  • 15 theatre performances held around the country.
  • A documentary film screened 15+ times in communities in 5 provinces, and broadcast on TV.
  • Mental health workshops designed around the documentary film and delivered to psychology students and mental health practitioners in 5 provinces.
  • Billboards and street art in Kabul and Jalalabad.
  • 2 x 60 second Public Service Announcements (PSAs) broadcast on TV and in health centres around the country.
  • White paper
  • Social media sharing infographics, self-help posters, mental health videos and extended interviews with mental health experts