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La Presse Afghanistan – life after the Islamic Stat ...

La Presse Afghanistan

BBC – Afghanistan’s Open Secret


1TV’s report on World Mental Health Day event in Kabul


AWNA News reports about PoMA’s theatre performance ...


3 Afghan Schools, 165 Accounts of Students Being Raped

NY Times

Afghanistan paedophile ring may be responsible for ...

The Guardian

8AM Afghanistan on PoMA’s theater about mental health

8AM Afghanistan

Sobh-e Arezo Interview with Peace of Mind Afghanistan

Arezo TV

Report on PoMA’s Theatre Performance in Bamiyan Pro ...

Bamiyan TV

VOA Dari’s report on PoMA’s Theatre Premier Perform ...

VOA Dari

Chained to a tree for 40 days: Afghanistan’s shrine ...


The Empowering and Dangerous Work of Harm Reduction ...

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