Lyla Schwartz
Managing Director

Managing Director of an Organisation Providing Frontline Psychological Care to Afghanistan’s Most Vulnerable Populations

Specializing in: Mental Health & Psychological Support, Project Management and Trauma-informed Care

A decade of experience in providing mental health and psychological support services to the most vulnerable populations. Critical frontline clinical psychology and field research with a specific focus on providing emergency psychological aid to youth traumatized by armed conflict, detainee populations, female and youth populations at risk exploitation, torture and suicide.

Core work focused on Afghanistan, after experience gained in the United States of America, Haiti, South Africa, India and Peru. Clients and partners have included the Kabul University Psychology Department, Danish Refugee Committee, the Ministry of Interior, the World Bank Group, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Colombo Plan, the President’s Office, the US Embassy in Kabul, and UNICEF.

Critical and cutting edge therapies trialled and successfully used such as trauma-informed care and survivor-led therapy. Ability to rapidly build trust-based relationships with diverse stakeholders and communicate effectively in sensitive situations in order to combat disadvantage and vulnerability, including with individuals and communities recovering from conflict and trauma.