Lyla Schwartz

My name is Lyla Schwartz, After graduation, I worked in the mental health sector in the United States, focusing on vulnerable youth populations. I then engaged in critical, frontline work in Haiti, South Africa, India, Peru, Thailand and Iraq with a focus on providing emergency psychological aid to youth traumatized by armed conflict, victims of torture and exploitation and youth at risk of suicide.
In Greece I worked with vulnerable Afghan refugee youths spurred me to pursue emergency work in Afghanistan and since early 2018, I have been based in Kabul and engaged in frontline critical psychological care provision and have forged partnerships with Afghan hospitals, aid organizations, the Ministry of Public Health, and government agencies.
Since late 2018, I have lead POMA under the umbrella of which I have been engaged in frontline research into the impacts of psychological trauma on vulnerable groups such as children and women in detention, migrants and displaced persons, in addition to public awareness campaigns, training on sensitive issues such as psychological trauma and workplace harassment, advocacy with important sector stakeholders, in addition to monitoring and evaluation of projects.