Impact & Projects

Peace of Mind Afghanistan: Past Experience

Combatting Trafficking in Persons (CTIP)Psychologist & Trainer PoMADepartment of Defense (DoD) & Netlink’sDepartment of Defense (DoD) combatting trafficking in persons (TIP) training and awareness. PoMA provided culturally sensitive training to 500+ employees to ensure that TIP policies and procedures are implemented.
Clinical Psychological Support to Returnees, Refugees, and DeporteesPartnerAMASO Open Society FoundationDeveloping support groups for deportees
MHPSS & RehabilitationMHPSS AdvisorHandicap InternationalOngoing Rehabilitation and Psychological Support including providing childhood trauma psychological interventions.
Psycho-Social Support (PSS) interventions in AfghanistanPsychology ConsultantDanish Refugee Council (DRC)The core activities proposed will be to develop and conduct a needs assessment, develop PSS toolkits and training packages, and to train emergency teams on basic Psychological First Aid (PFA) principles so that they can incorporate these into their work.
Reintegration and Rehabilitation of Children Associated with Armed Forces and Groups (CAAFAG)Focal Point For CAAFAG ReintegrationAttorney General Office of Afghanistan, Ministry of Juice, National Security Council, Ministry of Labor and Social AffairsThe project aimed at the rehabilitation and reintegration of minors (children under the age of 18) who were detained at the start of November 2019 by the Afghan authorities after being captured in operations against the Islamic State in Khorasan Province (ISKP)/Daesh. The children are family members of Daesh fighters and were detained after the surrender of fighters from that group.
Kandahar Critical Incident Psychological ResponsePsychological Consultant, Emergency ResponderResolution Support – NATO, US AirForce, Northrop GrummanMarch 2020 in response to the crash of a U.S. Air force E-11A Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN) aircraft in Kandahar on January 27 2020. Individual and group psychological counselling was provided to deal with grief and trauma which revealed some insight into some ongoing challenges and recommendations for personnel going forward.
Assessment of Safety and Student Well Being ASDPPsychological Consultant, safeguarding developerWorld BankPrepare project implementation period through conducting a safety audit visit, training delivery and testing of interview tools. This includes: Support the analysis, key findings and report writing Developing the training materials
Children Protection Centers (CPC) Evaluation AfghanistanPrinciple Investigator and Psychologist
Colombo Plan – US EmbassyReview of all children centers throughout Afghanistan.
Asylum SeekersPsychology ConsultantAsylexProvide psychological support to asylum seekers in Switzerland.
MHPSS Working Group – MOPH Action Against HungerPsychological Lead, CoordinatorECHO – WHO – ACF – MoPHDevelopment of working group MHPSS Afghanistan: Preparation of SOP, Qualifications for PSS  Workers, strategize for providers and stakeholders in Afghanistan
Peace of Mind Afghanistan (PoMA)
Project DirectorDFIDMental Health Awareness Campaign in Afghanistan Leading a mental health awareness campaign on behalf of the Ministry of Public Health across Afghanistan and spanning a year with multiple messaging channels.
Etidal Foundation – JRC ProjectChild Protection Specialist/Psychologist
MoJ AfghanistanThe Juvenile Rehabilitation Center (JRC) project is designed to lessen chances of radicalization among the youth kept in Juvenile Rehabilitation Centers (JRCs) in Kabul. The JRC project aims to provide hands-on psychological rehabilitation and interventions and facilitate other recreational and vocational activities to both female and male youth at the JRCs with the aim of addressing psychological/mental health issues and underlying vulnerabilities which can lead to becoming part of a hostile group – including those espousing radical religious views.
Leading a project for the Ministry of Justice aimed at rehabilitating and reintegrating juveniles detained in JRCs in Afghan prisons.
Impact Study and Evaluation of Office of Chief Executive Impact Evaluation (NUG Government) of AfghanistanResearch AdvisorOffice of Chief Executive Impact Evaluation (CEO)Impact review OCE office – ministry review all of OCE office – met with all stakeholders Interviewed all ministers in Afghanistan and implemented survey and discussions to see the impact of the
Deradicalization Committee on Countering Violent Extremism
Advisor – Child Protection Specialist & Mental HealthOffice of Chief Executive Impact Evaluation (CEOCounter Violence committee  Development of strategic plan for countering violence National level coordination of committee Supporting staff developed the committee and coordinate interventions Providing critical perspectives on child protection to committee including sharing research findings and collaboratively strategizing policy solutions to dilemmas of juvenile detention and protection of marginalized groups.
Psychologist Employee Assistance Program (EAP)Clinical TherapistSwedish Embassy AfghanistanProviding clinical support to staff members working at the Swedish Embassy in Afghanistan.
MHPSS Mapping AfghanistanClinical Researcher and AdvisorThe Asian Foundation / PARSADevelop mapping and survey active partners implementing MHPPSS
Istaquel Hospital (Burn Unit)
PsychologistMoPHProviding emergency psychological aid for GBV clients, and burn survivors.
Monitoring and evaluation for the Afghan Women’s Shelter Fund

Expert in Trauma and Gender-Based ViolenceColombo Plan + INL – US EmbassyMonitoring and evaluation in a trauma sensitive manner, useful qualitative and quantitative data from survivors of gender-based violence and/or trafficking in persons
Juvenile Criminal Responsibility Study
ResearcherUniversity of Massachusetts Medical SchoolAn investigation pertaining to developing statutes for competence to stand trial and criminal responsibility in juvenile delinquency proceedings.
Emerging Issues in Juvenile Forensic Evaluation Practice and Policy
ResearcherNational Institute of Justice (NIJ)An examination in age-based differences in “knowledge” regarding the role of counsel, presumptions about counsel, and maturity of judgment when making decisions about whether to waive the right to counsel, funded by the National Institute of Health. Along with emerging issues for Juveniles Forensics evaluation, practices and policies.
The Impact of Correctional Settings for Youth (National Study)ResearcherAdministration Children Service (ACS-NY)Conducted extensive literature searches using prominent social work and psychology databases on topics including childhood trauma, juveniles, trauma and correctional settings, policy reform, juvenile rehabilitation and laws for juveniles.