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Afghans are all too familiar with suffering.

While we have developed resilience to such pain, as a side-effect of decades-long conflict, Afghan society lacks a general willingness to acknowledge feelings of grief, anxiety, and trauma. Add to this the reality that Afghanistan lacks substantial mental health support mechanisms and we are left with serious challenges in tackling taboos surrounding psychological needs. We have introduced PoMA as one piece of a larger puzzle to encourage individuals, families, communities, and our country as a whole, to build understanding about the real mental health issues facing millions of us.

People worldwide experience mental health challenges
Medical professionals in Afghanistan devoted to mental health
Afghanistan population has been exposed to some form of trauma
Number of civilian casualties in Afghanistan since 2010

Peace of Mind Afghanistan (PoMA) is a mental health and psychological support consultancy, providing a wide variety of services.


We provide clinical training, support and assessments.


We empower national survivors of political violence.